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The VITLAB® continuous bottle-top burette (Figure 1) enables continuous titration, which leads to fast, convenient and accurate results. The angled display shows 4-position titration volume in large, easily read numbers (Figure 2), which simplifies operation.

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Vitlab Digital Burette Continuous E: Turning the two hand wheels supplies the titration medium in a continuous and pulse-free manner via the specially developed double-piston pump (Figure 3). Filling procedures are not necessary. This innovative technology increases safety; its compact design and low centre of gravity reduce risk of overturning, especially with smaller bottles. The height and length of the discharge tube can be adjusted, making it possible to work safely with both short and tall bottles.

The innovative recirculation system (Figure 4) prevents the loss of valuable reagent and reduces the risk of splashes. With its simple-to-use calibration function, VITLAB® continuous fulfils the corresponding requirements for test equipment monitoring without instrument downtime. Margins of error are under those specified in the DIN EN ISO 8655-3 standard, even for partial volumes.

Also available with DAkkS calibration certificate.

Included in delivery: Vitlab Digital Burette Continuous E

VITLAB® continuous E/RS (GL 45 thread), 3 PP thread adapters (GL 32, GL 38 and S 40), telescopic filling tube (200 – 350 mm), telescopic discharge tube (140 – 220 mm), two microbatteries 1.5 V (LR 03/AAA), quality certificate and operating manual.
TypeA ≤ ± %CV ≤ %PUCat. No.
E0,2 (25 ml)0,1 (25 ml)11620506
RS0,2 (50 ml)0,1 (50 ml)11620507
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