IWAKI Brand Borosilicate Glass

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Iwaki borosilicate glassware Overview

Iwaki borosilicate glassware is characterized by low coefficient of linear thermal expansion and high thermal shock resistance, because Na2O and K2O contents are low while it contains high B2O2. Abrasion as well as scratch and squeeze hardness is also excellent.

Due to its superior melting technique. Iwaki brand borosilicate glass dose not require fluxing agents and, therefore, neither bubble nor coloring appear even during fabrication process by gas.

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  1. Annealing Point: temperature point to relieve stress / strain after the fabricated of the glass.
  2. Strain point: temperature point of glass when subjected to strain/ stress/ transformation.
  3. Linear coefficient of expansion: expansion of the glass by heating process.

Glass has an infinite viscosity under normal temperature and will deform only at temperature which approaches its strain points. Its viscosity normally between 1015 ˜1012 poises. Viscosity is one of characteristic properties for measuring glasses.

IWAKI Glass Chemical


= Very Good

O = Good

∆ = average

X = less

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Chemical durability of glass means chemical resistance towards chemical attack IWAKI borosilicate glass is inert to almost all materials with the exception hydrofluoric acid (HF), Phosporic Acid (H3PO4), hot strong caustic solution (NaOH, KOH, CaOH2) and soap with alkaline contained.

  1. Distiled water ; Weight loss of glass surface 0.001mg/cm2 (1000C, 6 jam)
  2. Acid, Alkali (weight loss mg/cm2)

Glass normally fails as a result sudden cooling or heating. The surface of glass is subjected to tensile stress during cooling and compression strees during heating. Failure often results from the tensile component of stress, even when the load is applied in comparison. Glass is much stronger under compressive loads than under tensile loads. The reason being that tensile stress applied on yhe surface of glass becomes stronged than maximum strength of glass.


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