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Advantec 07810049 AV Check Cell Oil

Heated Oils & Fats AV CHECK Test Paper ; This is a test paper that is dried by impregnating filter paper with a pH indicator and basic substances based on the principle of acid / alkali titration, which is the official method for measuring acid value. Suitable for on-site quality control such as frying oil (heated oil).
The judgment time (measurement time required) is extremely short, about 30 seconds. The judgment operation is very simple, and anyone can make a judgment.
Unlike conventional acid value measurement kits, it does not use solvents. So it can be used without being particularly conscious of fire, and used test paper can be depreciated.

(0AV) blue, (0.5AV) blue-green, (1.0AV) green-blue, (2.0AV) green, (3.0AV) yellow-green, (4.0AV) yellow

How to Use

  1. Immerse the tip of a tong in the oil you are using.Pull it out of the oil, wait at least 5 seconds, and let the oil cool.
  2. Drop the oil adhering to the tongs etc. To the tip of the test paper (blue part) and wait 2 seconds.
  3. 30 seconds after pouring the oil, compare the color of the test paper with the color chart to judge the acid value.

Measurement Range


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