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Himedia LA1060 Wee 32 Thermal Cyclers

Himedia LA1060 Wee 32 Thermal Cyclers, Product introduction :

Wee 16 & Wee 32 uses Marlow(US) peltier. The product combines a variety of advanced technologies: • Maximum Ramping rate is 5 o C/s • Android system; • Color touch screen; • Gradient function; wifi module built-in; • Support cell phone APP control; • Email notification function; • Big storage capacity and support USB device. Himedia LA1060 Wee 32 Thermal Cyclers

Specifications :

1. The most advanced Peltier-based semiconductor technology;

2. Reinforced aluminum module with anodizing technology can keep rapid heating-conducting property and have enough corrosion resistance;

3. High heating and cooling rate,

4. Max. Ramping rate 5 o C/s, can save your precious time;

5. Scalable hot lid fits tubes of different heights;

6. TFT color capacitive touch screen (5 inches, 800×480 pixels), graphical menu navigation interface, very easy to operate;

7. Built-in 11 standard program file template, can quickly edit the required files;

8. Folder management, user can build directory;

9. The running program and left time can be displayed in real time,

10. Allow to edit file when program is running;

11. One-click quick incubation function can meet experiment’s needs such as denaturation, enzyme cutting/enzyme-link and ELISA;

12. Hot lid temperature and hot lid work mode can be set to meet different experiment’s need;

13. Automatic restart after powerfailure.When power is restored it can continue to run unfinished program;

14. Support USB to store and copy PCR data, user can control PCR by USB mouse;

15. Update software by USB and LAN;

16. Wi-Fi module built-in, one unit can control multiple PCR machine through computer or cell phone with internet connection.

17. Support email-alert function when experiment is over.


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