Himedia Lugol’s Iodine 125 ml

cat. S019-125ML

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Himedia Lugol’s Iodine 125 ml

Himedia Lugol’s Iodine 125 ml cat. S019-125ML

Lugol’s iodine S019
Intended Use:
Lugol’s iodine is used as staining solution to detect intestinal protozoa and helminth ova and larvae.
Iodine 5.0 gm
Potassium iodide 10.0 gm
Distilled water 100.0 ml
**Formula adjusted, standardized to suit performance parameters


1. Dilute Lugol’s iodine 1:5 with sterile distilled water prior to use.(This is working solution should be freshly prepared
approximately every 3 weeks)
2. Prepare a direct smear of the specimen by mixing a small portion (2mg) of feces with a drop of sterile saline(0.85%) on
a clean dry glass slide.
3. Place a coverslip over the sample and examine the wet mount preparation for the presence of motile protozoa. The organisms
are very pale and transparent and are more easily observed under low light intensity.
4. After thorough examination of the wet mount a drop of Lugol’s iodine( working solution) can be placed at the edge of
coverslip, or a new mount can be prepared using iodine alone. The prepared slides can be sealed if desired.
5. Examine the slides for the presence of brown parasitic structure.

Principle And Interpretation

Lugol’s iodine is recommended for the detection of intestinal protozoa or helminth ova or larvae in wet mount preparations and
concentration techniques. This is a non- specific and rapid contrast dye that is added to direct wet mounts of fecal material to
help in ddifferentiating parasitic cysts from host white blood cells. Many protozoa and cysts take up dye and appear brown while
other objects in the sample remain clear. Lugol’s iodine stain the protozoan nuclei and intracytoplasmic organelles brown this
making their identity easier. DDilution step is necessary prior to use as strong iodine solutions tend to coagulate fecal particles
and destroy the refractile nature of protozoan organisms . For fresh, unpreserved fecal samples ,a ddirect wet mount should be
prepared to detect the presence of motile protozoan trophozites.

Type of specimen

Clinical sample : Fecal samples
Specimen Collection and Handling
1.For clinical samples follow appropriate techniques for handling specimens as per established guidelines(4,5)
Warning and Precautions
In Vitro ddiagnostic use only. Read the label before opening the container. Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/
eye protection/face protection. Follow good microbiological lab practices while handling specimens and culture. Standard
precautions as per established guidelines should be followed while handling clinical specimens. Safety guidelines may be
referred in individual safety data sheets.

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