ISOLAB 060.01.001 THERMOMETER Insertion; Thermometer Portable

Perfect for temperature measurements in liquids, powders and food products.
Hygienic stainless steel integral insertion probe is protected by a plastic sleeve.
Temperature can be read by digital display 19 x 8 mm.
Operational temperature range in degree centigrade is between -50°C and +30 with divisions of 0.1°C.

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ISOLAB 060.01.001 THERMOMETER Insertion

ISOLAB 060.01.001 THERMOMETER Insertion; Thermometer Portable

For temperature measurement in liquids, semi-solids. Specially offers practical solutions with foodstuff.
Stainless steel probe with 127 mm length can easily be inserted into semisolid samples.
Offers temperature measurement on a large and clear 19 x 8 mm LCD display.
Water resistant sturdy plastic housing offers long life cycle.
Temperature measurement range is -58°F to +158°F (+/- 0,2°F) or -50°C to +300°C (+/- 0,1°C) selectively. °F & °C values are exchangeable by a switch control at the front panel.
Supplied with a plastic sleeve for the protection of the measuring probe.


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