ISOLAB Disposable Cuvettes Polystyrene; ISOLAB Disposable cuvettes P.S semi micro cat. 098.02.001; Kuvet Plastik Semi Mikro


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ISOLAB Disposable Cuvettes Semi Micro

ISOLAB Disposable Cuvettes Polystyrene; Disposable cuvettes P.S semi micro cat. 098.02.001 ISOLAB; Kuvet Plastik Semi Mikro

Polystyrene Cuvette / Kuvet 1.5 – 3 ml For Spectrophotometer | Isolab

Spectrophotometer Cuvettes Polystirine
Type : Semi Micro
Cat : 098.02.001


Polystyrene (disposable) cuvettes with applicable wavelength range from 340 to 900nm have optimized shapes and narrow wall thicknesses. Manufactured under clean room conditions and packed as groups by mould cavity number to keep the lowest variation of extinction coefficient. They have clear, clean optical path with indication of optical path orientation. These cuvettes carry drastically reduced risk of contamination and have lower costs compared to quartz glass cuvettes.

Cuvette type : Semi micro
Volume : 1.5 to 3.0 ml
Berdimensions : 12.5×12.5×45 mm
Path length 10.0 mm
Quantity in box : 100 pcs

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