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Vitlab Water Jet Pump: For generation of a vacuum and to siphon off liquids and vapours (if necessary, with a suction main or condensation trap connected upstream).
Pump fluid: Water
Length of the unit: approx. 210 mm (R 3/4″ connector fitted)
Weight: approx. 33 g (R 3/4“ connector fitted)

– High chemical resistance, since the pumped media only come into contact with polypropylene, FKM and PTFE.
– Operating temperature up to a maximum of 80 °C.
– Integrated non-return valve increases operating safety.
– Simple operation, and easy to clean.
– Detachable vacuum connection.
– Variety of supplied adapters simplify connections to most water sources, and additional reducing adapters are available.

Very low water consumption:
The flow configuration has been optimised, resulting in a 33% reduction of water consumption (220 liters/h at 3.5 bar water supply pressure).

Constant discharge pressure:
The discharge pressure of 16 mbar (water temperature: 12 °C) is reachable across a wide range of water supply pressures of from 3 to 6 bar.

High suction capacity:
The suction capacity is approx. 450 L/hour of air (± 50 l/h, vs. atmospheric pressure, 12 °C water temperature, 3.5 bar water supply pressure).

Included in delivery Vitlab Water Jet Pump

Water jet pump, including: water supply connection (lock nut R ¾”, reducing adapter R ½” and hose connection (olive) with outer diameter 10-12 mm), vacuum connection (olive with outer diameter 6-9 mm, detachable with GL 14 screw cap).

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