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Whatman 1440-055 Filter Paper Grade No. 40 55 mm

Whatman 1440-055, Grade 40 Ashless Filter Paper for Pollution An analysis, 55 mm circle (100 pcs)

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Whatman 1440-055 Filter Paper Grade No. 40 55 mm

Whatman 1440-055 Filter Paper Grade No. 40 55 mm

Whatman quantitative Filters from GE Healthcare are designed for gravimetric analysis and the preparation of samples for instrumental analysis. They are available in three formats designed to meet specific needs.

The classic general-purpose ashless Filter paper with medium speed and retention. Typical applications include: gravimetric analysis for numerous components in cements, clays, iron, and steel products; as a primary Filter for separating solid matter from aqueous extracts in general soil analysis; quantitative determination of sediments in milk; and as a pure analytical grade clean-up Filter for solutions prior to atomic absorption (AA) spectrometry. Also used as a high-purity Filter in the collection of trace elements and radionuclides from the atmosphere.


  • Ashless: .7% ash maximum for Grades 4 to 44 and a maximum of .1% for the 589 Grades. These are very pure Filters suitable for a wide range of critical analytical filtration procedures.


Whatman product code1440-055
Filter Mediacellulose
Particle Retention Rate8 µm
Diameter or Size L X W55 mm
Thickness210 µm
Flow Rate25 Typical water flow rate (mL/min)2
Pack Size100

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